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  • Eat the Rich
  • Singularity Principle
  • 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Forget About It
  • Crimson Winter
  • Dinosaurs
  • Babysitter Wanted
  • When Eagles Fly
  • Dirty Love
  • A Mosquito Man

About Big Screen Entertainment Group


Big Screen Entertainment Group (BSEG) is a publicly traded media conglomerate with divisions in film, television, music, and gaming. Headquartered at Paramount Studio in Hollywood, California, BSEG’s films have premiered at the worlds most prestigious independent film festivals, played at the country’s largest theatrical chains and can be found in America’s top retail outlets. From Blockbuster video and Wal-Mart, to Showtime, The Movie Channel, and VOD (video on demand), wherever a movie can be bought or seen, BSEG has been there. BSEG’s relationships with top Hollywood studios and talent as well as its corporate distribution alliances in films and games have positioned Big Screen Entertainment Group to continue its explosive growth in the coming years.

Our mission is to become leaders in the independent film and television industry, developing, producing and distributing commercially viable, high quality entertainment products that will provide short term return on capital and long term residual income to our investors and partners.

Many projects in the works, there are a lot on display in our project library.

The Company has been reducing its debt obligations this past quarter and increasing its asset value into other film productions the Company is distributing on various platforms including ITunes, Amazon, Netflix and standard DVD release as well as increasing its revenue flow with the release of 2 new titles.

In addition, the Company’s recently produced feature film, the scifi/action/adventure movie, SUCKER hired the Company as distributors for foreign and domestic sales. SUCKER is now completed its visual effects and is in the final stages of completion with sound, music and final sound mix. The Company invested proceeds received from VAG partners for the production costs of the film SUCKER which is expected to be released in 2011.

The Company continues to invest resources into its upcoming releases on its new distribution label and expanding its distribution base into the digital platform arena to hopefully generate more revenue for the company.

The Company invested marketing and manufacturing resources into the release of the feature films RULE OF THREE, released on the Company's new label on October 25, 2010, and the award winning film TARGET PRACTICE released on DVD of November 23, 2010. Both of these titles are now going to digital distribution platforms on ITunes, Amazon online and Netflix by the end of this Quarter (Q3) or first month of Q4 (April 2011).

The Company is currently gearing up for the DVD release of the international sensation, SODIUM BABIES on its own label. The film is scheduled for release at the beginning of Q2 (July 2011). Following the release of SODIUM BABIES, the Company is also preparing the final post and sound mix on the Kelly LeBrock, Erin Cahill starrer THE MIRROR, scheduled to be released at the end of Q2 (September 2011). The Company has been actively working on several Reality TV Shows with President of Development, Patricia Stevens. Ms. Stevens has been pitching several of these new show ideas to Networks.

The Company will work with the Networks on producing the shows if they pick them up. As well as developing Reality TV, the Company has also been working on developing 2 one hour dramas for Cable television.

The Company signed a deal this last quarter to release new and old titles on XBox and ITunes, as well as numerous digital formats worldwide. Work has begun to release numerous titles digitally through Big Screen's own label.

The Company is actively acquiring new and old film titles to release under its label for future releases on its new studio DVD/Blu-Ray label, theatrically where applicable, PPV/VOD and digital formats.

The Company continues to keep operating costs to a minimal and is focusing on paying off debt and putting monies back into the Company’s marketing on new releases and new productions thereby working towards increasing its asset base and potential revenue streams.

You can find more company information in Investor Relations. There you have information about our current financials, more management discussion, as well as drop downs of press releases and updates for the last few years.

Here is a list of a few festivals and markets BSEG films have been involved in:

Cannes Film Market Cannes, France
Weekend of Fear Nuremberg, Germany
American Film Market Santa Monica, California
Sundance Film Festival Multiple locations Utah
Fantasporto Film Festival Porto, Portugal
Sitges Film Festival Sitges, Spain
Malaga International Film Festival Malaga, Spain
Edmonton International Film Festival Edmonton, Canada
Fantasia Film Festival Montreal, Canada
Bloody Disgusting Horror Fest Chicago, Illinois
Nashville Film Festival Nashville, TN

In 2010, BSEG formed Big Screen Michigan (BSM), a production and distribution hub headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan, to take advantage of the most aggressive filmmaking incentive in the country. The first feature film produced under the BSM banner is the SciFi/Comic Book adventure, Sucker, filmed in Pontiac, Troy and Rochester Hills, MI, in April/May 2010. Sucker is currently in the final stages of post production and will be distributed worldwide by BSEGs distribution division. BSEG will be producing a slate of pictures through Big Screen Michigan over the next 3 to 5 years in the Great Lakes State.

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Half Bad Trailer

HALF BAD by Sally Green, Book Trailer Directed by BSEG clients The Deka Bros. Produced by Red14 Films, Michael Manasseri, and Kimberley Kates.

Singularity Principle Trailer

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