• Singularity Principle
  • Gonzo Ballet
  • Eat the Rich
  • Crimson Winter
  • Dirty Love
  • A Mosquito Man
  • When Eagles Fly
  • 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Babysitter Wanted
  • Dinosaurs
  • Forget About It

Executive Profiles

Dr. Jimmy Jiang - Chairperson of the Board, and Director

bseg stephen eckelberryDr. Jimmy Jiang is an M.D. and has a PH.D in Urology in China; Dr. Jiang was one of the top kidney transplant surgeons in the country before coming to the United States to study Immunology at UCLA.

Dr. Jiang is the CEO of FEGifund Trust, a subsidiary of Fairfax Entertainment Group, and the biggest shareholder of BSEG.

Dr. Jiang is a prominent Los Angeles businessman and entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in the capital markets in US and China and shares BSEG Chief Executive Officer Kimberley Kates' vision of expansion and growth domestically and overseas.

BSEG anticipates that the addition of Dr. Jiang as Chairman of the Board will have a highly significant impact upon entry into Asian markets and in the launch of joint productions overseas. His efforts and activities have already assisted CEO Kimberley Kates in initiation of several large scale projects consistent with BSEG's philosophy of growth as well as the introduction to the top Asian companies and studios in film production both in the government and private sector.

Kimberley Kates - Founder, CEO

bseg_kimberley_katesMs. Kimberley Kates has been in the film business for 20 years. Ms. Kates oversees a variety of tasks at Big Screen Entertainment Group including producing feature films within the company.

Ms. Kates has a fresh perspective on producing as she considers marketing of the film before ever deciding if it’s something that should be produced. She also is very knowledgeable with distribution and the completion stages of a film once it has been produced.

Besides producing Ms. Kates handles the following activities for the company:
Negotiations, drafting of agreements for production and distribution of motion picture and television productions from beginning to end, knowledge of all aspects of the film industry including servicing, delivery, distribution, production, deals for actors, directors, writers, producers, investor deals, merchandising deals, domestic distribution deals, acquisition of films and distribution rights deals, financing documents, casting, script development, managing talent, hiring all talent on a motion picture from casting directors to DP’s to music supervisors, hands on set producing, foreign sales relationships, shareholder relations, editing, post production supervising, marketing and website design, knowledge of film markets, forming numerous alliances with other film companies, to mention a few of the many tasks she oversees.

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Michael Manasseri - Big Screen Pictures

bseg_michael_manasseriMichael Manasseri runs the day to day operations of BSEG’s Midwest production and distribution arm, Big Screen Michigan, headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Manasseri is also the Co-Director/Producer of the critically acclaimed horror/thriller Babysitter Wanted. Babysitter Wanted was the premiere release on BSEG’s Domestic DVD/Blu Ray label and the film has made numerous Top 10 Horror Film Lists for 2010.

Michael is an actor’s director. His directing talent lies in his ability to communicate with actors on their level so as to evoke their best performances; his honest and insightful approach brings a sense of reality to each story being told. Much of Michael’s success as a director is a logical extension of his early success as an actor on stage and screen.

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Stephen Eckelberry - Big Screen Pictures

bseg stephen eckelberryWhen Stephen Eckelberry joined Big Screen in 2004, he came as a filmmaker with over 20 years experience.

His lastest film which he wrote and directed for Big Screen, Nina & the Mystery of the Secret Room won accolades at several film festivals, including the Hollywood and the Portuguese Fantasporto Film Festival, and garnered him the Director’s Award at the Macon Film Festival. The film is set for nationwide release this summer. “A Hitchcock-ian thriller with even more shocking and exciting twists. Eckelberry’s style and intense theatrical eye for excellence will leave the viewer breathless.” - Tommy Garrett, Canyon News

Stephen's first short film Going Home won the Golden Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival for best short over fifteen minutes. Going Home also played at Denver, Bumbelshot, Cannes Women in Film, Hermosa Beach and the Mill Valley film festivals.

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Dr. Bruce Lee - Director

Bruce B. Lee, MD is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Halt Medical, Inc., and inventor of the Acessa procedure, a safe and effective minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of uterine fibroid tumors. The procedure has received FDA clearance and is also licensed/cleared in Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

Dr. Lee’s father, George S. Lee, was President and Founder of the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association and one of the key members who assisted in the creation of East-West Bank of Los Angeles, CA. With a parallel interest in entertainment, Dr. Lee has served on multiple boards for over 25 years, has been an executive producer on several films and is a talented composer. He assisted CEO Kimberley Kates in development of the Content Education Division of BSEG and will work to develop and expand activities in this large potential market both in the US and abroad.

Michael Gardiner - President Business Affairs

bseg_michael_gardinerMichael Gardiner is an experienced entrepreneur, a writer and a licensed California attorney with nearly twenty years of experience representing public and private companies (ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies) and individuals in litigation and business matters. Throughout his career, Michael has represented numerous clients in the sports and entertainment industry including various musical artists, labels, sports industry clients and film studios and related enterprises such as Universal City Studios, Inc. and Merchandising Corporation of America.

Michael began his legal career at Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, has been a partner in Riedl, McCloskey & Waring, LLP and in Rathbone, Ruderman & Gardiner and currently has his own private practice in San Diego, California. Michael has a wide range of experience in his legal career ranging from intellectual property, securities and antitrust litigation to complex transactional negotiations. In addition to his legal career, Michael founded and ran a sports management company and was involved in running two professional sports teams.

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HALF BAD by Sally Green, Book Trailer Directed by BSEG clients The Deka Bros. Produced by Red14 Films, Michael Manasseri, and Kimberley Kates.

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