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Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC: BSEG)

Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC:BSEG) is a publicly traded media conglomerate with divisions in film, television, music, and gaming. Headquartered in Hollywood, California, Rochester Hills, Michigan and Melbourne, Australia. BSEG’s films have premiered at the world's most prestigious independent film festivals, played at the country’s largest theatrical chains and can be found in America’s top retail outlets.

BSEG’s relationships with top Hollywood studios and talent as well as its corporate distribution alliances in films and games have positioned Big Screen Entertainment Group to continue its explosive growth in the coming years.

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Tue, Jan-12-2016

Letter to Shareholders From Big Screen Entertainment Group Management and Board of Directors

Moving into the New Year, Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC PINK: BSEG) is pleased to announce that this past year, Big Screen Management laid the foundation for many new opportunities towards expansion, partnerships and co-productions for the benefit of the...

Wed, Dec-09-2015

Big Screen Entertainment Group Sets Release Date for Mosquito-Man, Premiere at Hollywood International Film Festiva…

Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC PINK: BSEG) is excited to announce that the film, MOSQUITO-MAN, an action-adventure movie produced by Big Screen Entertainment, will be released domestically on January 12th, 2016 on DVD and VOD.

Wed, Sep-02-2015

Big Screen Entertainment Group and K7GLOBAL Form Alliance With Chinese Investors for New Projects

Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC PINK: BSEG) and K7GLOBAL have inked a deal to begin production on 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA will be the first of the two Franchise films BSEG, K7GLOBAL and Chinese Investors will make. The...

Tue, Jul-28-2015

Big Screen Entertainment Group Update to Shareholders and Board of Directors Restructuring

Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC PINK: BSEG) Chairman Jimmy Jiang and CEO Kimberley Kates are pleased to announce the following developments: In 2014 and 2015, Ms. Kates successfully forged relationships with film and government leaders throughout China ...

Sun, Apr-26-2015

Dear Shareholders

BSEG has been working with various investment groups over the past few months and busy with expansion of the company. Being fairly experienced in the capital markets and financing, I am currently looking of ways to build asset value, revenue streams and ma...

Wed, Jan-07-2015

Big Screen Entertainment Group Announces First Production of the Year

As part of its initiative to extend its global brand and a new franchise into new lines of business internationally and with China, Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC PINK: BSEG), an emerging global content leader with China, will begin its first of a five pa...

Mon, Nov-10-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Sets Release Date for New Film - "YOU CAN'T KILL STEPHEN KING"

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is excited to announce the release of YOU CAN'T KILL STEPHEN KING on DVD December 9th. YOU CAN'T KILL STEPHEN KING is a comedy horror and fan tribute to the work of the great author. The film contains elemen...

Fri, Oct-17-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Seeks to Purchase Films for China With $100,000,000 Film Fund

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is currently seeking films to invest in and/or purchase for release in Greater China. The films must be big budget films that are currently in development or are soon to be released. The films must be high budg...

Thu, Sep-04-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Holds Board Meeting - Class B Stock of 35,000,000 to Return to BSEG Treasury

Big Screen Entertainment (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is pleased to announce new resolutions have been adopted by the Board of Directors to tighten up the company's stock position, and for the overall health of the company.

Fri, Aug-29-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Announces DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date for Vampire Thriller Crimson Winter

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is pleased to announce the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release of CRIMSON WINTER on October 7th through its partnership with CAV. Produced by Interwoven Studios, CRIMSON WINTER is director Bryan Ferriter's debut fi...

Fri, Jul-18-2014

Big Screen Entertainment CEO Invited to Judge for Biggest Talent Show in China -- Deadline Extended for Entries

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is excited to announce that award-winning producer, BSEG CEO Kimberley Kates, has been selected to be the first American judge on the panel for CCTV's (China Central Television) "Chinese New Year Gala" which ai...

Tue, Jul-08-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Joins America New Era Television in Producing USA Talent Search Contest for the Numb…

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is excited to announce an incredible opportunity for new talent in North America to compete in China's biggest television event, a talent show televised on China's CCTV (China Central Television) "Chinese New Y...

Fri, May-30-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Acquires Thrilling Script From Taj Jackson/Sco Triplets

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) has optioned the rights to the new script by Taj Jackson, nephew of Michael Jackson, and the Brazilian Sco triplets (Thaisa, Thaina, and Thayana Sco) on a project titled CODE Z. Taj Jackson is also on board to ...

Thu, May-29-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Acquires US Domestic Rights to "You Can't Kill Stephen King"

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is happy to announce the acquisition of an exciting new feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen Kill." BSEG has acquired domestic distribution rights as part of its 2014 distribution slate and will be releasing t...

Thu, May-01-2014

Big Screen Entertainment Group Management Gives Shareholder Update

Big Screen Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: BSEG) is pleased to report exciting progress in the areas of film acquisition, development, distribution and more deals signed for joint ventures abroad. Having recently returned from a highly successful trip over...

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Contact: Jean Paul

Tel: 323.456.8623
Email: BIG@bigscreenent.com

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By Brandon Gray: BoxOfficeMojo.com

In the current era, the second weekend in May is firmly considered part of the summer movie season, and it is usually dominated by summer's first big movie in its second weekend, such as this year with Iron Man 2. The summer movie season creeping so early in the year is a recent phenomenon, and, the further back one goes, the more decidedly un-summer-like movies one will find debuting prior to Memorial Day weekend.

Five Years Ago - 2005

This was another modest 2005 weekend, despite three new nationwide releases. Jennifer Lopez-Jane Fonda comedy Monster-in-Law led the way with a solid $23.1 million, capitalizing on its relatable Meet the Parents-like premise. Will Ferrell comedy Kicking and Screamingdidn't pack as much punch with its $20.2 million start, while Jet Li's Unleashed posted a decent $10.9 million.Kingdom of Heaven collapsed 51 percent in its second weekend to $9.6 million, while future Oscar winner Crasheased 23 percent to $7 million in its second weekend. Weekend Report: 'Monster-in-Law' Claws to the Top

Ten Years Ago - 2000

Gladiator reigned in its second weekend with $24.6 million, down 29 percent, but one of the most notorious flops in recent memory opened in second. Playing at 3,307 theaters (more than Gladiator), Battlefield Earth mustered only $11.5 million. Considered a paean to Scientology but marketed as a generic science fiction fantasy, it showed how tough a sell the genre can be and how remarkable successes like Star Wars and Avatar actually are. John Travolta cackling in hideous makeup did not help the cause. Three other new releases were largely ignored: ballet drama Center Stage (which was Zoe Saldana's first movie) with $4.6 million, Norm MacDonald comedy Screwedwith $3.3 million and Jamie Foxx vehicle Held Up with $1.9 million. Weekend Chart

Fifteen Years Ago - 1995

Crimson Tide was unleashed as the first big summer movie. Starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, the submarine thriller drew $18.6 million at 2,382 locations, which is the equivalent of $34 million today adjusted for ticket price inflation. It wasn't quite the next The Hunt for Red October from 1990, but it fared better than U-571in 2000, among submarine movies. Its opening was a new high for Mr. Washington at the time. Three other movies opened nationwide with little interest: Hugh Grant's The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain with $2.8 million, pig family movie Gordy, which predated Babe by three months, with $1.6 million, and Marisa Tomei drama The Perez Family with $1.1 million. Weekend Chart

Twenty Years Ago - 1990

Pretty Woman grew more than 11 percent in its eight weekend, grossing $7.6 million and crossing the $100 million mark in its 52nd day of release. There were no new nationwide releases, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tales From the Darkside: The Movie repeated in second and third place, respectively.  Weekend Chart

Twenty-Five Years Ago - 1985

Chuck Norris' Code of Silence held onto the top spot with $3.6 million, down 35 percent. Two pictures had forgettable nationwide debuts: Rustler's Rhapsody, a Western comedy with Tom Berenger, nabbed $2.4 million at 1,480 venues, while one of the era's urban music dramas, Rappin', grabbed $1.8 million at 1,150 venues

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Service Divisions

Media Production

Creating feature length films, commercials, television, music, trailers, and more using the latest technology, and techniques.

Media Marketing

BSEG is present in almost every major film and media festival and market throughout the world. We are at the forefront of the latest trends in marketing, with exceptional, and growing network contacts in many industries.

Media Distribution

Allow our distribution division to get your projects, and media to the masses online, in theaters, on TV, through brick and mortar, and many other venues. We distribute in the U.S. as well as internationally to provide greater and greater market exposure for our clients.

Project Financing

We can provide the resources needed for your vision to create a high quality project come to fruition.

Industry Networking

BSEG has well over 100 years of production experience in the industry. With that comes quality contacts and networking to get your ideas and projects to the right people and organizations.

Talent Division

Our talent management division works directly with and fosters client relationships that provide Big Screen various services. The management scope includes writers, directors, actors, and more.

Education Media

Providing services to create quality productions of training and education media for the industry you are in.

Gaming Division

We are working with Scientifically Proven Entertainment (“SPE”) to co-produce more films, television, video games projects in Michigan. See MIMESTUDIOS.com (Made In Michigan Entertainment)